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Vision of House of Glory

What is Vision?
The Vision is First of all a revelation of God.
A Vision is the ability to see ahead.
A Vision is a guide
A Vision servers as a protection
A Vision is a conception that is inspired of God in the heart of human.
The greatest gift God ever gave to humanity is not sight but Vision. Vision is seeing the future before it comes to being. God has given us birth for a purpose is finished, for he has placed within us potential for it fulfillment. Only by seeing what is not yet here can you bring something new, creative and exciting into existence. FromĀ  the beginning of his call, God God spoke to his servant Senior Pastor David Whajah “Raise up true Disciple of God through preashing, teaching and fellowship in the word of God”.

Developing believers to know their true Identity in Christ Jesus. Serve and influence our Community and the World around us, as the light of God(Matt 5:13-16)

Jesus is Lord